Streetlight Gaming and Online (GO) Team

Streetlight Gaming League

Streetlight patients now have the opportunity to join the Streetlight Gaming and Online (GO) Team during their hospital admission as a way to play and connect with other Streetlight patients and volunteers.  Streetlight GO is a community for people who are going through similar situations to have a way to meet and have fun together through shared interests, like online gaming, tv and movies, and creativity.

Before joining Streetlight GO, all participants need to agree to our set of rules that we make sure promotes a safe, respectful, positive environment to play in. We believe that everyone is going through their own set of challenges, and adding a bully to the mix while gaming isn’t helpful for anyone. Our community is moderated by Streetlight staff to ensure everyone is playing by the rules. All participants must consent to the Streetlight Gaming and Online Team Creed.

Noah winning the trophy

Inpatient Gaming

two streetlight members playing video games on a cart

Streetlight has several systems to satisfy your gaming needs. We can provide you with a Streetlight Gaming Cart (PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo), loaded with games, a headset, and accounts that allow for online gameplay. These systems are linked with other Streetlight Gaming Accounts in our hospital, with the ability to chat or play with other patients here at Shands.

Virtual Community

Discord Logo

You can join our private Streetlight Online Discord Server, a chat group that allows us to connect inside and outside the hospital with different text and voice channels about specific interests. You can download Discord on your iPhone, Android, Tablet, or PC, to stay in touch with the Streetlight Community any time, any where– whether you’re at Shands, or back at home. Players can also take on leadership roles like Drivers, Gaming League Veterans, share YouTube Channels by ranking up as Streamers, and help out newbie gamers along the way. If you would like to join the Discord server, talk to a Streetlight Volunteer or Technology Manager, about how to request an invitation to join.

Streetlight GO Events

Weekly Events include:

  • New Movie Nights: Players vote on movie themes and new movies that the Streetlight program will stream for free on Discord! Patients and volunteers can watch together and comment in our chat at the same time.
  • Minecraft Nights: Join the Streetlight Minecraft Realm, and join our weekly Minecraft night to join in on a survival campaign!
  • TableTop Campaigns: Every week, one of our specially-trained Dungeon Master volunteers sets up an epic Tabletop campaign (in the style of Dungeons and Dragons, or a variety of other game modes), in which patients create characters, stories, and fight evil together. This is all done through our private Discord voice server, but can be adapted so that players may type their responses if they want to.

Special Events include:

  • Tournaments: Examples of our past tournaments include MarioKart, Super Smash Bros., Mario Strikers, Fortnite, and Multiversus! Winners receive prizes!
  • Animal Crossing Parade of Homes: We have hosted different special events to visit one another’s islands, share resources, and compete in fishing and bug tournaments!

Seasonal Events include:

  • GO Creative: These campaigns intend to channel our creative sides by offering creativity challenges for people to answer and complete! Campaigns typically last a month or two, and past challenges have included answering questions like “What 3 celebrities would you want on your zombie apocalypse?” or offering a song for a collaborative playlist!
  • Summer Games: The Summer Games span the months of June and July and encourage players to submit End of Match Screenshots to earn Victory Points (VP)s in a variety of games! These VPs can be redeemed for prizes, like cool 3D prints!
  • Winter Games: The Winter Games combines elements of gameplay and creativity. Players will be able to complete creativity challenges and submit End of Match Screenshots to earn Victory Points (VP)s in a variety of games. These VPs can be redeemed for a variety of prizes, from Streetlight swag to gift cards to different video game platforms!

What was previously named the Streetlight Gaming League, Streetlight GO seeks to create a community built upon different interests and similar experiences. It is a collaborative community of passionate patients and volunteers who have a heart for friendship inside and outside of the hospital. Our community thrives off of member input and we are excited to see how this one of a kind program at Streetlight evolves!

Streetlight In Minecraft