Volunteering at UFHealth
Volunteer Support

Volunteers in lounge

Our volunteers are central to the success of the Streetlight program, and as program professionals, we highly prioritize supporting our volunteer team throughout the often emotional service work that Streetlight involves.

Volunteers undergo roughly 10 hours of orientation training before they begin serving on a volunteer shift, and throughout their first semester they are shadowing existing volunteers, nested in a shift of 6-10 other Streetlight volunteers.

These shifts are strong foundations of communal support, bolstered by Streetlight shift captains. While these teams functionally work to delegate tasks and make sure all our patients get supported, they also act as networks of emotional support that volunteers are encouraged to turn to when life gets tough, both inside the hospital and out.

Much of our volunteer resources are made available upon acceptance to the program, and volunteer self-care is a big part of the training process.

Upon acceptance into Streetlight, all volunteers must complete both the UF Health Volunteer application and HIPAA online orientations. The following link is a step-by-step process for getting set up through Shands Volunteering.

All volunteers must receive UFHealth Volunteer Services clearance to be eligible to volunteer. For more information on UFHealth Volunteer Requirements, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Director Emily Marchi at e.sullivan@peds.ufl.edu