For Parents

Our program is all about supporting your child the best way possible.

Our team of 65 UF undergraduate volunteers have a strong conviction to brighten our patients’ hospital stays. Many of our volunteers have experience in being patients themselves, or experiencing illness by way of family members and friends. We will never understand what you and your family are going through, but we seek to understand as best we can and to help you all through these tough times.

This section identifies some components of Streetlight that we thought would be beneficial for parents to be aware. If you have any questions, please contact our downstairs office at 352-273-9596 or email us at 

Release Forms

Every patient under 18 will be required to get a signed release form from their parent before getting any of the Streetlight inventory (DVDs, video games, magazines, etc.).  Parents should indicate their concerns on this form. This is our way of allowing patients and families to “opt in” to the program. We are here as much or as little for you as you would like.

Additionally, if your child would like to join the Streetlight Gaming and Online Team and is under 18 years old, we require your permission and understanding of Streetlight GO first.

picture of streetlight team members and diferent inventory offerings

Infection Control Standards

Streetlight Team members are all trained in infection control standards, hand hygiene, and the following of precaution directions on the door which can indicate gown, mask and/or gloves.


There are many things to keep your child busy while in the hospital! We have DVDs, video games, game systems, laptops, board games to borrow, which are cleaned between patient’s use. Used supplies are to be returned in the blue Streetlight return box at the welcome desk. From there, they are cleaned before being re-shelved. There are also activities you can take home with you, like art materials, nail polish, jewelry, and a Streetlight T-Shirt!

Teen Lounge

Patients are permitted in Teen Lounge only with the permission of their nurse. If they are required to wear a mask, gown and/or gloves we are careful to enforce this while they are with us. The Lounge and all supplies in the Lounge (including computers, pool sticks, games and furniture) are cleaned before and after Streetlight use.

To learn more about how UF Health is fighting infections visit Fighting Infections