Take This Chemo

Going through cancer treatment is terrible. For months, you have toxic chemicals injected into your body with the hopes of killing off cancerous cells. It’s scary. It’s stressful. It’s painful. But as said by one of our patients who became a volunteer, “You know what, it’s going to suck, but it’s going to be alright.”

We partnered with a local non-profit, Heroes of Medicine, to give a copy of the book, Take This Chemo, to all of our patients receiving chemotherapy. This book, written by Francisco Marchi, former Streetlight patient and volunteer, shares the lessons he learned through his treatment for B-cell lymphoma. It addresses over 100 practical tips and reflections about hospitalization, chemotherapy, procedures, surgeries, and everything else that surrounds a diagnosis of cancer. It’s sarcastic, funny, and most importantly, authentic and honest. To view the book, click here for a downloadable pdf:

cover of take this chemo book. text "take this chemo" with a wizard.