Program Professionals

About the Streetlight Director

Emily Marchi, MS


Emily Marchi (she/her) initially began her involvement with Streetlight as a volunteer during her time as an undergrad at the University of Florida. Through her service work, she discovered her passion for working with chronically ill adolescents and young adults.  Inspired by the depth of the relationships forged through Streetlight’s model of palliative care, she joined the Streetlight staff upon her graduation and now leads Streetlight as the Director.  Emily completed her Master of Health Education at the University of Florida.

About the Streetlight Assistant Director

Rev. Anna Swygert, MDiv


Anna Swygert (she/they) entered Streetlight as a volunteer in 2015 while a student at the University of Florida. Following her graduation with a Bachelor in Science in Psychology in 2017, they attended Emory University and completed her Master of Divinity in 2020, and they are currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at the University of Florida. She is passionate about spiritual care, community building, and storytelling and how they become embodied in holistic health care.

About the Streetlight Clinical Data Scientist

Andrew Walker, MS

Drew Walker (he/him) began his involvement with Streetlight in 2013 as an undergraduate volunteer at the University of Florida. During this time, Drew developed a passion for connecting with and supporting patients, and working to help the program meet the needs of its diverse population of adolescents and young adults. After graduation, Drew served as Streetlight Assistant Director, while pursuing his Master of Science in Health Education and Behavior. In this time, he conducted a social network analysis of Streetlight patient-volunteer support networks based on volunteer chart records, and founded the Streetlight Gaming and Online Team. In Fall 2020, Drew moved to Atlanta,GA to pursue his PhD in Behavior, Social, and Health Education Sciences at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and transitioned into his current role of Data Scientist. Since then, he has loved working with Streetlight’s team to conduct research which seeks to understand, optimize, and share insights about this unique program in hopes of empowering other healthcare centers to adopt Streetlight’s powerful model of peer support.

About the Streetlight Founder

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown, M.Div, C.T.


Rebecca Brown founded Streetlight in 2006, hired by the University of Florida Department of Pediatrics and Dr. John Graham-Pole to develop an adolescent palliative care support program in 2005. The name Streetlight is based on her thesis work in seminary at Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA. Rebecca is now a freelance consultant and lecturer on adolescent spiritual formation, death education and palliative care.

About the Streetlight Team

The Streetlight Team is a diverse group of 60+ UF students selected through interviews and recommendations who have undergone eight hours of special orientation on adolescent psychosocial and health issues, palliative care, end-of-life care, and the four primary disease populations we serve. Team members are aged 18 – 25, and most are pre-med or have relevant experience with chronic/terminal disease. Each team has a captain and is closely supervised by the director and assistant director with daily briefing, education, chart-writing, rounds and discussion.

Collage of Streetlight team members with text "We Get to Carry Each Other" in center.