Stories of Strength Quilt Project

To celebrate Sickle Cell Awareness Month, Streetlight collaborated with UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine to create an art gallery to showcase the stories of those living with sickle cell. Artists designed a square that resembled their strength, and these designs were transferred to fabric and stitched together to form a quilt showcase individuals’ to illustrate the many stories of sickle cell and a community of resilience.

The quilt stitched together individual designs from each of the 20 artists.

We unveiled the quilt on September 21, 2023 in Arts in Medicine’s Criser Center at UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital, and we had an incredible gallery opening to bring together the artists, their families, and their providers.

Thank you to everyone who supported this project Thank you to UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine for partnering with Streetlight to make this dream a reality, and a special thank you to the artists who bravely and beautifully shared their stories and their artwork.

To read the artists’ stories in full, please click the cover of the book below.

Cover of Stories of Strength Book; black background with a moon made of sickled cells
Click here to view the full Stories of Strength Yearbook.