Cancer strong arms

A cancer diagnosis never comes at a “good time.” And who thinks of getting cancer when you are only a teenager? But as we know, it does happen, and it’s a major blow. Traveling to Shands for regular chemo treatments puts a kink in school, work, and social life. Our Streetlight Cancer team is a group of committed individuals that all hate cancer, and believe in the power of making each moment count through the entire treatment process and beyond. Some of the team members are actually cancer survivors themselves, and therefore understand the power of peer companionship from personal experience.


Our cancer team comes together to design a custom Streetlight cancer T-Shirt. The only thing they love more than wearing them, is giving them out. So, make sure to ask for one if you are a patient the next time you come in!

End of Chemo Parties

Chemotherapy is no joy ride, and that is why we want to celebrate the end of the rigorous journey together! All cancer patients ending chemo are offered a custom celebration with decorations, their choice of music/ movies, and their favorite food. And of course, what party is complete without a cake? We also like to honor each patient  with a personalized bio or personality quiz to be given to all of the party-goers.  Party themes in the past have ranged from video-gaming tournaments to Hawaiian luaus to a pirate theme where the guest of honor even wore a hook over his prosthetic arm! We invite all of the patient’s Streetlight friends, family and friends from home, as well as doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff that have been meaningful through the process. Nobody throws a party quite like Streetlight and for our cancer team, these relationships formed through treatment become very special friendships.

Relay for Life

Another way we support our cancer patients is by walking for them at UF’s Relay for Life event. With their permission, we make luminarias to be lit during the night of the event and celebrate both our friends undergoing treatment, and those that have died.  We come up with a fun theme to fundraise throughout the year and during the night of the event. One year, we made a Streetlight police car and painted the names of our patients on the sides. To raise money, we arrested people at the event, and their friends paid bail to pull them out of our Streetlight jail. We also allowed inmates to get henna tattoos while incarcerated. We will go to any lengths to do what we can to stop cancer. Let us know if you would like to join our relay efforts for this upcoming Relay for Life, or if you would like us to support someone through a luminaria.