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Streetlight is an adolescent and young adult support program here at UF Health for people aged 13-25 living with cancer, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell, and other chronic and life-limiting illnesses. Medicine can do a lot, but there are some issues that medicine does not cover. The way we see it, sometimes a friend can be the most powerful source of support. The Streetlight team is made up of 60+ college-aged volunteers that focus on building friendships through peer companionship. Dealing with a serious medical condition is a difficult journey, but you don’t need to go it alone.

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It’s a tough place—that gap between being a kid and being an adult. You are trying to figure out who you are, why you are here, and what you will be. Sounds pretty complicated, right?  Okay, now throw in a serious medical condition and try to make sense of your life. Everything starts to look a little different. Tests, football games, jobs, social plans, everything gets disrupted when your health starts acting up. When hospital stays get in the way of your life, Streetlight is there.

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Program Support

Streetlight is supported by the Department of Pediatrics and through the generosity of private donors. If you are interested in supporting this program and the work we do, you can call our office at 352-273-9596 or email Emily Sullivan at Thank you!

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