Infection Control Standards

a patient in a hospital bed sits with a Streetlight volunteer laughingStreetlight Team members are all trained in infection control standards, hand hygiene, and the following of precaution directions on the door which can indicate gown, mask and/or gloves.


Patients with compromised immune systems will be given their own personal copy of the inventory listings so they don’t have to use the inventory books shared by other patients. The pages of the Streetlight inventory books are in plastic sheets that can be washed. All Streetlight supplies (DVDs, video games, game systems, laptops, etc.) are cleaned between patient’s use. Used supplies are to be returned in the blue Streetlight return box at the welcome desk. From there, they are cleaned before being re-shelved.

Teen Lounge

Patients are permitted in Teen Lounge only with the permission of their nurse. If they are required to wear a mask, gown and/or gloves we are careful to enforce this while they are with us. The Lounge and all supplies in the Lounge (including computers, pool sticks, games and furniture) are cleaned before and after Streetlight use.

To learn more about how UF Health is fighting infections visit Fighting Infections 

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