Celebrating Kayla’s End of Chemo

“While you’re living, and while you can, fight– because everyone has something to fight for. No matter if you have a son, a daughter, no matter what–


Fight for yourself.”


-Kayla Smith

We are so grateful to be a part of Kayla’s sunflower/galaxy-themed End of Chemotherapy celebration at the end of this summer. You may recognize Kayla from her Heroes of Medicine video we posted which you can check out here: https://youtu.be/kneDAlbBiBs.

We are wishing you the best in this new chapter, Kayla! The strength you’ve shown us along the way will carry you far. Check out some of the photos from her beautiful End of Chemo party:


Kayla's End of Chemo Celebration!

Kayla and Sean

Kayla and Gabe

Kayla and Emily, our Streetlight Director

Kayla and her bois: Krunal and Wade

Taylor Spiletic

Claren in Gabe in deep artistic concentration

Kayla and Dante, our Streetlight Technology Manager

Sunflower Galaxy PictureSunflower/Galaxy painting sessionKayla and her Aunt :)