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As a teen who spends time in a hospital, it’s easy to feel isolated and distant from your “normal” life. Some teens and young adults feel as if their disease becomes their identity, that they are losing a part of their personality.

That’s why we offer ShandsSpace. ShandsSpace is a interview-guided, poster-sized piece of art that you create with information about yourself — favorite movies, TV shows and music, your hobbies, favorite quotes and goals. You design and decorate your ShandsSpace and we’ll hang it in your room so that everyone that steps in the room can find out who you really are.

[ View the ShandsSpace interview form ]

Ask a Streetlight Team Member how you can get started on your own ShandsSpace!

ShandsSpace Examples

  • Let your ShandsSpace tell a story about you — your favorite quotes, photos and colors!
  • Design your own space with what is important to you!
  • Show off your favorite shows, movies and music!

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