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Sickle Cell Population

One of our early experiences with Sickle Cell patients was with a 19-year-old young man, doubled over in pain, and trying not to cry. He said, “Ms. Rebecca, we’ve got to do something about this. We people with sickle cell have got to come together and support each other. We’ve got to have a march, or a basketball benefit, or something! I don’t know anybody with Sickle Cell, but I know they’re out there. And that just ain’t right.”

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 Sickle Cell Support

We knew they were “out there.” In fact, several other teens with SCD were just down the hall from him, but because of confidentiality rules we could only assure him that he was not alone. Our goals with Sickle Cell are to help get them together outside the hospital in support groups, and raise awareness in the community so school teachers, employers, and family members become more sensitive and supportive. Keeping pace in school, holding down a job, and just living a normal life can seem almost impossible because of their frequent hospitalizations. Failure can seem like their constant companion.

Our sickle cell team works hard during Sickle Cell Awareness Month in September to raise awareness by flyering on campus, handing out shirts and wrist bands, and through the following events:

Poetry Night with Poets Inc.

  • Poetry slam at the Orange and Brew on UF’s campus

Sickle Cell Benefit Concert

  • Featuring the University Gospel Choir and stories by younge people living with sickle cell at Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church.

Annual 2k Sickle Cell Awareness Walk

  • Annual walk sponsored by the Sickle Cell Association of Florida, NCF, The Stop the Sickle Cycle Campaign, and Streetlight.  Come on out and walk with us next September!  And if that’s not compelling enough you also get a shirt, barbecue lunch, and entertainment.


Make sure to join our Stop the Sickle Cycle Facebook page for the most up to date info on everything sickle cell!

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